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Product ID: ENSS8-2str-0a1p
2 Strand Genuine South Sea 8mm Pearl Necklace Prized by Collectors
2 Strand Genuine South Sea 8mm Pearl Necklace Prized by Collectors
Extremely Versatile!!! Classic 2 strand south sea pearl necklace.

Highly prized by collectors, south sea pearls are one of the most sought after pearls in the world. (see the section below on about south sea pearls to read more about this incredible art of nature - a pearl in its perfection.) You are getting not one, but two strands of south sea pearl in this investment package.

This quality double strand genuine South sea pearl necklace measures approx. 7.6 mm - 8.2 mm in size. Highly sough satiny white in color with slightly soft pinkish golden tone that only can be found on genuine south sea pearls . Gorgeous "baroque" in shapes with some spots due to its natural origins - this does not take away from the beauty of this just indicate that you are buying genuine South sea pearls.

This beauty have such a superb thick nacre like no others, excellent symmetry and professionally hand knotted in alternated fashion with the shorter strand being 16" & 17.5" in lengths and finished with solid 14K yellow gold clasp.

About South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls are produced in the waters off the Australian coast by the rarest and largest oysters in the world - the Pinctada Maxima. This rare solitary oyster only exists on an extremely limited number of shell beds found in the warm tropical seas sometimes referred to as the South Seas - hence the name of the pearl. This area of ocean stretches from North Australia, through Indonesia, the Philippines, to the southern tip of Burma.

The Pinctada Maxima produces the most beautiful nacre, a creamy smooth lustrous material, which possesses a subdued opalescence. The size and thickness of the shell and the luster of the nacre it produces results in the rarest and most sought after pearl in the world - the white South Sea pearl. A pearl of which dreams are made.

Throughout history, the natural South Sea pearl has been regarded as the grand daddy of all pearls.

The South Sea pearl is distinguished by its magnificent thick natural nacre which produces an unequalled luster, a complex luster which resembles a soft creamy voluptuous intangible appearance which changes mood under different light conditions. The beauty of this nacre has endeared the South Sea pearl to jewelry connoisseurs over the centuries.

The South Sea pearl is also famous for the relatively large sizes of the pearls, and the variety of unique and desirable shapes often found. These pearls come in a variety of colors - from white through silver, and from cream through yellow to deep gold. The pearls may also display a lovely "overtone" of a different color such as pink, blue, or green. On very rare occasions a very dark blue pearl may be found which can be described as a "black" pearl.

Pearl Grading
List Price: $15,000.00
Price: $1,545.00

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