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ICBS, Inc.
1477 Hunting Hollow
Hudson, OH 44236, USA



We are a verified Business Member of Paypal.


Payment Methods

At present, we offer three methods to pay for your purchase:

1. Paypal (Check, all major credit cards)

2. Credit Card Processing

3. Check/Money Order mailed to us directly, Manual credit card processing

We hope to provide you with more options in the future. For example, Google Payment is something we will offer soon once Google Payment Software is stable and without major bugs. At present, Google is  tweaking with its software. (They call it Beta) We are an authorized seller with them; but we will not offer that service until we are satisfied that it will provide the level of service to our customers demanded by our policy.

Payment by Paypal

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal. Paypal is a division of eBay and is a very respected third party provider. This will provide you with all the protection. You can register free with Paypal and there is never any transaction fees to you as a buyer. We pay all transaction costs incurred.

Once Paypal has confirmed that you made the payment, we will ship the products within 3 business days - often much faster. We stock all items we sell (unless it is clearly marked as special order) so we can ship them to you faster. Of course, it increases our cost - but we know that you expect superior service from us and we are here to provide you with that.

Payment by Credit Card

Enter the credit card information as requested. Once the card issuer accepts the charge, you will be informed. (Normally this happens very quickly) We can only ship to the address where the credit card statement is sent.


Some people file a "chargeback" with the credit card company. A chargeback happens when you claim to your credit card issuer that your credit card had been used illegally. In some cases, these are legitimate as when someone steals your credit card and use it to make purchases. The bank in that case will investigate and take necessary action.

A growing trend is for people to question everything on a credit card statement. We note in our packing slips that your charges may appear as International Cyber Business Services, Inc. (or ICBS, Inc.) - This is the parent company of SpecialGifts.com and GrandmasRemedies.com If you are doubtful of a charge, please call us at 330-342-0030 or 330-733-4283 and we can tell you details about the charge and help you resolve it.

A chargeback is very expensive to all concerned. First the bank freezes that amount from our account. We have to present a ton of evidence to prove that this is a legitimate transaction. It will take 3-4 months for the bank to resolve it (They (banks) love it because they can use our money in the mean time interest free.) They even charge us a chargeback fee (same way the bank charges you when you deposit a check someone gave you that was returned fro NSF.

When we send a shipment, we have facilities to verify that it was received in your address. Our policy is to fight any case of chargeback aggressively. In the unlikely instance that the bank goes against us, we will start collection process. There will be an automatic $50 collection fee for US shipments (that includes what the bank has charged us for the chargeback as well as part of what we have to pay a collection agency) and $100 collection fee for international orders. Your credit may be affected. We will also file complaint with the postal service for mail fraud. Claiming an item was not received is a fraud.

So, please use common sense before calling your credit card company and reporting that an item was not received.

Payment by Check/Money Order

You can pay by check or money order by mail. Use Email option on checkout. Please send your check with a copy of the shopping cart invoice to:

SpecialGifts.com fulfillment center
1477 Hunting Hollow Dr.
Hudson, OH 44236, USA

We will hold the products for a maximum of 7 days after you place your order for the check to arrive. If not that product will go back to the inventory. If there is a product in stock if we get your check after the expiry date (7 days from the order date), we will honor the check at our discretion.

Checks are to be cleared before we will ship your item. It may take 3 business days to clear your check if you deal with a bank in the USA.

Thus the payment by check is a slow process. We recommend that you use the Paypal payment instead. Paypal will accept your echeck if you register and verify for that service.

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