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Loma Psoriasis

A Service of


An Effective Remedy for Psoriasis




LOMALUX PSORIASIS is a natural mineral medication indicated for the treatment of psoriasis. The major constituents are inorganic nickel and inorganic bromide. Each teaspoon contains about 1.1 mg nickel and 23.4 mg bromide. Active ingredients: potassium bromide 3.5 mg/ml, sodium bromide 3.0 mg/ml, nickel sulphate 0.6 mg/ml, zinc bromide 0.004 mg/ml, potassium sulphate 0.025 mcg/ml. Inactive ingredients: purified water, less than 3% ethyl alcohol, 0.15% methyl paraben and 0.03% propyl paraben.


The active ingredients in LOMALUX PSORIASIS are inorganic soluble nickel and bromide salts. The exact mechanism of action of LOMALUX PSORIASIS is unknown; however, it is felt to be helping the body compensate for a primary genetic biochemical defect. This biochemical defect is felt to be a nickel-dependent metalloenzyme system which is made more efficient in a nickel enriched environment1. Bromide has known antiproliferative properties and may also exert an antipruritic effect.

Nickel sulfate dissolves and dissociates in the digestive tract into its ionic constituents. Nickel associates with albumin and other constituents in the blood stream2. Variable amounts of ionic nickel, 15% to 50%, are absorbed on a fasted stomach2. Clinical studies show that serum concentrations of nickel are variable among patients receiving the same dosage.3 Additionally, food markedly decreases the rate and extent of nickel absorption.4,5 Peak serum nickel concentration is reached about two hours after oral administration. Once a day dosing leads to steady state serum concentrations in approximately seven days. Nickel is in its highly stable divalent cation state and is therefore not expected to be metabolized to any significant degree in the body. Absorbed nickel is primarily excreted in the urine and elimination half-life is about 21 hours.3,4 Renal clearance is rapid and efficient, and nickel does not accumulate in the body.6 Sodium bromide and potassium bromide dissolves and dissociates in the digestive tract into its ionic constituents. Ionic bromide is rapidly and completely absorbed from the intestine and distributed almost exclusively in the extracellular fluids.7,8 Bromide is eliminated by the kidney and the elimination half-life is 11- 12 days. Once a day dosing will lead to a steady state concentration in about seven weeks.7


Clinic studies of 86 psoriasis subjects given oral doses of nickel sulfate and sodium bromide, two principal ingredients of LOMALUX PSORIASIS, indicate a high degree of statistical significance (p<0.0001) in the improvement in psoriasis area and severity measurements (PASI score)9. Ninety-eight percent of subjects exhibited a moderate to marked improvement (0-25%PASI=mild improvement; 25-75%PASI=moderate improvement; 75-100%PASI=marked improvement). A double blind placebo controlled study confirmed safety and efficacy, employing nickel and bromide from a nickel bromide source.10


LOMALUX PSORIASIS is indicated for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris, including skin, nail and joint symptoms. Other types of psoriasis also respond, including hand/foot psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, and pustular and exfoliative types. Scalp, facial and genital psoriasis respond particularly well.


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