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Loma Psoriasis

A Service of


An Effective Remedy for Psoriasis


At Last, an Effective Remedy for Psoriasis Without Any Known Side Effects….

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that is found worldwide. Those who suffer from this disease often undergo physical, social and emotional trauma. Treatments are available to control psoriasis. It cannot be cured. Unfortunately none of these treatments are completely effective and they often have serious side reactions.

Until now..

Dr. Steven Smith Dr. Steven Smith M.D., inventor of Lomalux Psoriasis, is a Board Certified Dermatologist in the United States. Dr. Smith, has earned his MD from Indiana University School of Medicine. He has done his dermatology residency at the University of Texas. He is a diplomate of the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Dermatology, the American College of Physicians, and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. He is the Head of Dermatology at the Oral Roberts School of Medicine.

Dr. Smith was very concerned with the plight of his patients suffering from psoriasis. None of the treatments available were effective and many had serious side reactions and drug interactions. He started looking for alternative treatments for psoriasis. By a combination of scientific investigations and divine intervention, Dr. Smith has discovered Lomalux Psoriasis. Controlled scientific studies and results from his practice have proven the effectiveness of this medicine. Ninety eight percent of the patients taking Lomalux Psoriasis have shown moderate to marked improvement. Best of all, there were no side reactions or drug interactions when taking this medication. (Please read the cautions and warnings below.)

Before and After Treatment
with Lomalux Psoriasis. Please clck
on the picture to see details.

ps_legs_sml.jpg Before Taking Loma Psoriasis
After taking Loma Psoriasis


Lomalux Psoriasis is patented and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an over-the-counter-medication. For the few who don't show an improvement with Lomalux Psoriasis, a more strong medication is available with a doctor's prescription.

This Miracle Product is Now Available for Trial

This miracle product, that is making waves in the United States and Russia, is now available for trial. If you are one of those who are suffering from Psoriasis, contact ICBS.

"I spent hundreds of dollars on creams from the doctor; nothing worked. A miracle came in LOMALUX PSORIASIS! Before the first month was up I noticed a big difference in my psoriasis. My skin cleared with continued use."

Mike Algain, Cleveland, OH, USA

"I've had psoriasis for many years-none of the prescription creams worked. My skin was itchy, red and kept peeling like an onion. I tried LOMALUX Psoriasis in early 1995; within three to four weeks my skin quit peeling and cleared in three to four months. I stopped taking LOMALUX Psoriasis and stayed clear of the disease for a year when it came back. I started LOMALUX Psoriasis again and started improving within three weeks, clearing within two months. I am still clear of psoriasis and couldn't be happier about my experience with LOMALUX Psoriasis."

G.B., Tulsa, OK, USA

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

If you are not entirely satisfied with Lomalux Psoriasis after taking it in the recommended manner and duration (for the recommended 5 month treatment cycle in accordance with the directions on the product), and if you feel that you have not benefited from its use, then you can request your purchase cost be refunded. Details of how the refund can be obtained is given with the product when it arrives. Please be sure to save the bar code labels and the receipt to get the refund. This guarantee only applies to USA shipments.

This warrantee is administered by Plymouth Laboratories, the manufacturer of Loma Psoriasis. Please make sure that you comply with all the terms of the  warranty requirements enclosed with the product.


Psoriasis Can Be Serious. You Can Die From This Disease!

About 400 people die from complications caused by psoriasis each year in the United States alone. Such complications occur in relation to a severe, extensive form of psoriasis, where large areas of skin are shed. The skin plays an important role in regulating body temperature and serving as a barrier to infection. When a person's skin is compromised to such a great extent, secondary infections are possible along with fluid loss. A great strain is also placed on the circulatory system. If you are experiencing severe psoriasis, consult your physician immediately.

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