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Gemstone Information Infocenter at Holisticonline.com

Gemstone Infocenter - Holisticonline.com

Comprehensive Gemstone Information


Emerald - Birthstone of May
Part 4

Healing/Metaphysical Properties of Emerald

The role played by the color green in providing us a soothing and healing effect was well known for centuries. When we feel bad or need to recuperate, we go to countryside. We take long walks through the park among the lush green meadows. Kerala, in South India, which is covered in lush green carpet of green is often described as "God's own country." Buddha got his enlightenment when he was sitting under the shadow of a big tree. Green was revered even in biblical times. Psalms 23 talks about "leading through the green pastures."

Emerald, the carrier of green rays, has the same effect on the persons that wear it. Emerald revitalizes us. It restores our balance. It heals our wounds. It gives us mental clarity. When we're confused or troubled, it helps us cut through to the truth. So, it is always a good time to wear emeralds.

Some people believe that wearing jewelry with an Emerald gemstone brings wisdom, growth and patience - qualities essential for lasting love. A gift of Emerald is considered symbolic of love and devotion. Emeralds are even believed to change color upon infidelity!

Traditionally, Emeralds are worn to promote healing and enhance love and contentment. According to legends, emeralds strengthen the owner's memory, quicken the intelligence and assist in predicting the future.

Many virtues are ascribed to emerald. It is said to drive away evil spirits, and to preserve the chastity of the wearer. The emerald gives faith, and success in love. It aids in the discovery of false friends. It changes color in the presence of false friends or false witnesses. It promotes constancy of mind, true friendship, and felicity in domestic life. As a love token, it registers the degree of love. If pale, love is waning!

When worn, emerald is supposed to prevent epilepsy attack, and when held in the mouth it is believed to be a cure for dysentery. It is believed to assist women at childbirth.

Emerald is extensively used for physical and emotional healing. Emerald has refreshing soft green color, which has amazing healing powers for eyes, and it is a good talisman for any eye trouble. If worn about the neck or finger, emerald prevents convulsions in children. Emeralds are also an antidote for poisons and poisonous wounds. It is useful for ailments of the spine. Emeralds help fight all mental illness and neurological disorders.

So, it should not come as a surprise to learn that emerald is a gemstone prized by gem therapists. It is extremely useful for physical and emotional healing. Many gem therapists use statements such as 'the strongest physical healing gemstone' when describing emerald. Place emerald on the area which needs healing. You can also wear it around your neck as a necklace or as a pendant, or use it in the form of a ring or earring.

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Identification of Emerald

Gemological Properties:

Mineral Information: Silicate, beryl group
Chemical Composition: Beryllium Aluminum Silicate - Al2Be3(Si6O18)
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Color: Emerald green
Hardness: 7-1/2 - 8
Specific Gravity: 2.67-2.78
Refractive Index: 1.576-1.582
DR: .006
Pleochroism: Dichroic: blue green/yellow green
Dispersion: .014
Cleavage: unimportant
Luster: Vitreous
Toughness: Poor to Good

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