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Things to Consider When Buying For Birthday Milestones

By P. Aggarwal

Birthdays are the one-day in the year when we are made to feel extra special. Our friends and family not only shower us with best wishes but it’s a great reason to get together and celebrate. While all birthdays are really special, some are more so than others. These are the birthday milestones.

The 18th birthday milestone & some great birthday milestone gift ideas

Birthday milestones are those birthdays that augment the beginning of a significant new change in our lives. The 18th birthday is one such birthday milestone. It is the transition from being a naïve teenager to becoming a young adult. You suddenly have the right to vote and to make vital decisions about your life. The law recognizes you as an adult.

Some great 18th birthday gift ideas are buying the person lessons to an adventure sport like skydiving or deep-sea diving. You could even opt for a classic gift like a luxury dining experience or a weekend at a health resort or spa. Electronic gadgets and toys like palm pilots, PDAs, DVDs, the latest cell phones are also welcome birthday milestone gifts.

The 21st birthday milestone & some unique birthday gift ideas

Similarly, the 21st birthday, 25th birthday, 30th birthday, 40th, 50th, 60th birthdays are all considered birthday milestones. The individual is stepping into a new decade of his/her life span. 21st birthday milestones are generally also the coming-out birthdays or the birthday on which most young men and women are introduced into society formally. Traditionally, the coming-out party was also a tacit acknowledgement that the young adult was now of marriageable age and very eligible.

Some unique 21st birthday gift ideas are a personalized poster of a favorite movie with the birthday person as the star. Personalized pub or tavern signs also make for a unique birthday gift. A champagne bottle with a customized label is a highly appreciated gift too. Electronics and gadgets are popular with every age. Another great idea would be to gift the young adult some stock. You can actually purchase online single share stocks of various companies in the birthday person’s name. This is a great way for the young adult to get his/her feet wet in the investment world.

The 30th birthday milestone & some creative birthday present ideas

The 30th birthday in today’s world is often around the time when people start thinking of settling down with a house and family. It is assumed that they are somewhat established in the career of their choice, and it’s time to focus on family.

Vouchers for massages and relaxation sessions make great 30th birthday milestone gifts. Since many people are nurturers at this age, they may also appreciate the gift of a tree. The tree is planted in their name in whichever state or county you choose. With enough trees gifted, we may actually be able to regain the lost ecological balance of the planet.

The 40th birthday milestone & some creative birthday gifts

40th birthday milestones appear to be very popular. Individuals are generally satisfied with their career and settled in their personal lives. They have family and friends and it’s a good life overall.

Since most 40-year-olds are fairly satisfied with their lives and comfortable in their own skin, this birthday milestone is just right for gag gifts or getting old gifts. You could even plan a theme party along the lines of ‘At 40 You Must Be Over The Hill’. Of course, you need to be sure that the birthday person would enjoy the humor and not be upset about it.

The 50th birthday milestone & some birthday milestone gifts

Unlike 40th birthday milestones, 50th birthday milestones may induce anxiety pangs. ‘Old’, ‘over-the-hill’, ‘in your times’, ‘when you were young’ are all not very nice to hear statements. It may take time for individuals to come to terms with the fact that they are celebrating a golden jubilee. 50 years is a long time and an age when most individuals start to become reflective. They may be extremely sensitive to their age.

This birthday is a time for celebrating the experience and wisdom gained from all the years of living life. Some unique gifts for the 50th birthday milestone are the actual LIFE magazine published the week that the birthday person was born, a personalized birthday chronicle and a personalized book from the year that the birthday person was born in. Art also makes for a great gift.

The 60th birthday milestone & some unique milestone gift ideas

Once an individual celebrates his 60th birthday milestone, he or she is probably past the sensitivity to old-age jokes. Once again, this is a good time in life. Most individuals are free from responsibility for their children by now and lead a more quiet, relaxed life where they indulge themselves.

Again, getaways to spa resorts or luxury hotels at exotic destinations make perfect 60th birthday gifts. This may also be the right time to show the birthday person what they mean to you. A personalized poem or plaque would also make a great gift.

The 70th & 80th birthday milestones & gift ideas

The 70th birthday milestone may now introduce the dread associated with knowing that the larger part of one’s life has passed. It’s a time for family and friends to bond closer and provide security. The 75th birthday is another major birthday milestone. The platinum celebration! Subsequently, people who live to see their 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays also have a lot to celebrate and so do their families.

The later years of life are for relaxation and self-actualization. Spirituality may become a vital focus and spiritual gifts would be appreciated. Personalized candles and spiritual novels are popular as are gift certificates for relaxation sessions with the masseuse.

Whichever birthday milestone is being celebrated, ensure that your gift suits the occasion. You need to remind the birthday person of the years gone by with fond memories and yet have them look forward to exciting times in the years to come. So choose a gift with your mind, but the recipient’s heart.

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P. Aggarwal is a successful freelance writer who enjoys providing tips to consumers about milestone birthday gifts such as 30th, 40th and 50th birthday presents.


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