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101 Gift Ideas For All Occasions

by: H Porter

People have forgotten about the meaning behind gifting. In a consumer driven society we are often pushed towards competing e.g. upstaging gifts and my gifts better than yours. Lets go back to basics, giving is far more rewarding than receiving. It is much better for your Karma. If someone gives you a list, ignore it. The only time a list is applicable is for Weddings where this is a tradition. Gifting is all about imagination, and a little thinking time. For big events like Christmas buy people things they would never buy themselves.

Here are some top ideas of adults:

More and more adults are cooking as a hobby and for enjoyment therefore consider some of the following; spaghetti measurer, Griddle pan, pancake maker, panini press, Knife set, Chefs blow torch, Cook books.

Relaxation is often overlooked in our busy lives how about some of the following;

Bath Salts, Beauty products, we recommend brands like Bathina, Dermologica, Foot Doctor & sanctuary. Best to go to a beauty store where there are gift packs. Electronic massager,

Cuddly hot water bottle, A good novel, lots to choose from here best to go for your books stores recommended list

Gadgets are great fun here are some ideas; USB computer lights, Screen cleaning kit

Games, Board games and other season toys are great entertainment best to check out Amazon, Firebox and other large toy retailers for top best selling games. Remember gifts are about things you would rarely buy yourself.

For Car fanatics how about:

Some designer interior mats and seat covers, Car Cleaning kit, personalized number plates, Mini car racers, Ferrari or Porche and other miniature car collectables, for new drivers fluffy dice are fun and well appreciated.

Heath & Fitness. Some top ideas include; detox kit, hand weights, mini trampoline, exercise mat, execercise ball, Bag with towel & water bottle, exercise video, exercise DVD's are always a simple stocking filler or gift. There are a variety of genres to choose from action, adventure, romantic, horror & documentary. Amazon is the most famous online DVD retailer and has great suggestions and best seller lists to help you along.

Travel Enthusiasts: guide books, travel vouchers, spa vouchers, hand luggage, wash bags, travel accessories or perhaps a good novel.

If you are buying for adults who have just had children how about; a hand/foot casting kit, photo album or photo frames with perhaps a photo in.

Higher price items for all the family are new TV, video camera, DVD player, Games Console

Now onto children, this may be your own, grandchildren or perhaps your godparents or a close friend. For the best ideas simply walk into your largest toy store and ask what's selling for your age group. These are usually trend toys such as the latest lego product or film toys like Harry Potter, power rangers or Incredibles.

For creative kids, visit a craft centre either online or on the high street, how about buying some materials and let the kids get creative? You can buy thin leather and beads so they can make their own jewelry or perhaps card and other craft items to make their own art.

If you want to buy something different why not buy a classi corgi toy or perhaps some jewelry like a charm bracelet which you can buy charms for at other gifting times. Computer games are normally a must have for kids but can be pricey, if these are out of your budget perhaps outdoor games would be a better choice.

Kids also love DVD's so movies are a simple gift idea, some of our top tips are look out for these film distributors:

Disney who produced Mickey Mouse & friends, Winnie the pooh

Disney Pixar who produced Finding Nemo, Brother Bear & The incredibles

Dreamworks who produced Shrek

Disney Film also produce some good teen movies like Freaky Friday or Confessions of a teenage Dram Queen

Warner Bros are famous for Harry Potter & Xmas 2004 classic The Polar Express

Fox is another who have produced Power ranges and some other TV classics.

Remember that your childhood favorites may be loved by your kids too, such as Transformers, He-Man, thunderbirds, captain scarlet & Thundercats

Last of all our much loved pets are a big part of our lives, which is why you will often find gifts under the Christmas tree for them. Our top suggestions are; cat nip ( a herb which makes them go wild), new collar or lead, blankets, toys, new bowls, a grooming session at your pet store or why not for dogs especially a nice juicy bone.

Remember the final step for gifting is the wrapping so spend as much time on the wrapping as you did on buying the gift.

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H Porter writes for www.sorrydarling.com the web's premier Gift destination.


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