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Specialgifts.com Affiliate Program

Commission Structure

Our affiliate commission structure is designed to encourage our affiliates to profit from a long term relationship.

We use progressive tiers. That means that the commission rates increase as total transaction revenues increase. Only the portion over the threshold of each tier qualifies for the higher commission rates.

Revenue Levels
Commission %
(for gifts, jewelry, loose gems)
Commission %
(for vitamins, and neutraceuticals)
$00 - $5,000 6.0% 2.00%
$5,001 - $10,000 7.5% 3.00%
$10,001- $50,000 8.5% 3.50%
$50,001 - $100,000 10.0% 4.00%
$100,001 + 12.5% 5.00%

Unlike others who start you always at 0 at the beginning of a month thus making it nearly impossible to reach the higher brackets, we use a cumulative bracket. You slowly build sales to previous total and progress to the next level. So, you do not go down once you reach a threshold.

You get commission on all sales. The sales of the jewelry, loose gemstones, beads, gemstone art, original art, and books receive 5-12.5% commission based on your sales level. The vitamins and supplements that are sold get 2-5.0% commission as shown in the table. The vitamins and neutraceuticals have an added attraction as they are often reordered by customers so you have a chance to develop a steady income from sales to existing customers.

How is the Commission determined?

We will pay you on all net sales based on the amount of net revenue achieved in a given month. The Commission shall be equal to a percentage of the Net Sales of Products purchased by a User utilizing the links between your Web site and our Web site (the "Commission").

"Net Sales" shall mean the gross sale price of a Product, excluding amounts collected by us for sales taxes, duties, shipping, handling, gift wrapping, fraud, charge-backs, exchanges, credit card processing fees, taxes and similar charges.

In order for you to generate a Referral Fee or Commission, the User must follow a link from your Web site to our site, purchase the product using our automated ordering system, accept the delivery of the Product at the shipping destination, remit full payment to us and not cancel the order or return the Product to us within our 60 day return period.

Referral links that result in a sign up in SpecialGifts.com affiliate program will receive 1% of the net sale of it's referred individual's future referrals.

If a qualifying sale is canceled or refunded, the related commission will be deducted from the next affiliate payment.

Unqualified Purchases

You will not be eligible for a Referral Fee or Commission under the following circumstances:

  • A party comes to specialgifts.com through you and does not purchase anything and then returns to specialgifts.com via another Affiliate or partner at a later date and then makes a purchase, the second Affiliate or partner will receive the credit for the ultimate purchase.
  • A party comes to specialgifts.com through your Web site and returns more than 60 days later by entering our url directly, then you will not receive credit for that later purchase.
  • The User has prevented cookies from being saved on his, her or its' hard drive.
  • If a User to our Web site cannot be tracked by our online ordering system for any reason.
  • If a User to our Web site uses a gift certificate for payment for the purchase. Since the sale of the gift certificate was booked as a sale, no additional commission can be credited for this sale.
  • A party comes to specialgifts.com through your Web site but purchases using a "discount coupon" that discounts their purchase and was not expressly given by specialgifts.com for use by your Web site. You will not receive credit for this purchase.

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