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Shopping For Madness

by Kadence Buchanan

It is rightly believed that women have more idle time than the race of men. When they want to spend time doing something they have a few options that they consider and the one option that attracts them the most and they go for without giving it a second thought is shopping.

Whether they are watching television, or reading newspapers or magazines they tend to come across advertisements. Sales, discounts, newly designed accessories, free gifts and such enticing and provoking commercials appear before their eyes everywhere they go. Commercials basically target women because they are easily goaded. The hard earned incomes of many men is spent in less than a day by their extravagant, spendthrift wives. Priorities have changed and the rapid changes in trends and fashion ignites this urge in people not only women but men and teenagers to go for shopping whenever they have extra money to spend. The need for shopping was confined to the purchase of necessities and extravagant shoppers included rich people. But now shopping has become more of an amusement for people; they kill time and entertain themselves by going out for shopping even if it's only window shopping.

Time flies when one is having a good time is a common proverb. And these days more than ever time not only flies but seems highly insufficient for shoppers. The list is so long that one day is inadequate. When every corner of the house is decorated, refrigerator filled, DVD shelves piled up to the top, appliances find no place to fit in, alas its time to shop for more shelves to fill in and then consequently more to fill them.

Markets, shopping malls have become compact multi purposed locations. Shopping is enjoyed more than going out for family picnics or visiting distant relatives. The best source of entertainment it is considered by housewives, teenagers, and children even old aged people as hanging out at malls. For housewives, taking their kids along is not a problematic issue any longer. Every shopping mall has food outlets, playing areas for them. So their mothers can easily enjoy shopping while their children are amusing themselves in the playing areas.

Shopping occasionally and shopping for goods and things that are really necessary is a healthy thing and clearly understood as a need. Misers and extravagant people both are more of an irritant to the society. The time spent shopping can have other better alternatives that can be more productive.

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Kadence Buchanan writes articles for http://supershoppingtips.com/  - In addition, Kadence also writes articles for http://letstalkaboutbusiness.com/ and http://itsfamilytime.net/


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