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Gemstone Jewelry

by: Rachana Agarwal

Women love to wear jewels that satisfy them and assure them of their eternal power and beauty that they possess. Apart from diamond, silver, gold and platinum, gemstones jewelries are also getting popularity among women because of their myriad color and radiance which equally bring out the best in its wearer.

It is also a strong believe that gemstones jewelries greatly affect us if worn according to the astrological believes and thoughts. Some people are also of the opinion that gemstones available in different colors and patterns can lay their positive effect on us that may results into the change in the thinking pattern and behavior of its wearer. So, the positive effect of these stones also attracts people to wear them according to their birth number or month or their zodiac sign. You can actually see a whole lot of ornaments available in gemstones in the market today.

There are a whole lot of variations available in gemstone jewelries. Choose as per the size of your pocket and preference. For example, amethyst, a purplish color gem that is the birthstone for all February babies come in different shades and sizes. You can stud your gem in a glittering diamond or in a shining platinum base. Further, you can also use any other metal that suits you the best and bring out the hidden meaning to enhance your look. Thus, its not that purple means a strict purple, you can choose which shade of purple is the one for you.

But, these gemstones jewels have a limitation too. It is really not suitable for funky, trendy and stylist people who like to do alteration in their dressing and outlook. Like,

Pearl is recommended for people born in June that makes it unsuitable for people born in other months of the year. It is also said that unsuitable gems may carry a negative effect on its wearer thus if a June baby wants to decorate herself with rubies, she may have to fear its negative impacts too. Due to this, these gemstones are not gained that height of success that they deserve.

As a solution for this problem, manufacturer has come out with a concept of mix jewelry that combines more than one stone of similar effect to retain its astrological sense giving it a really trendy and mesmerizing look. So, if you are a lover of these stones and quite experimenting on your looks, go for mixed colored stones for their best results.

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Rachana Agarwal is an experienced jewelry business expert.


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